1. Digitally inking pages! After this step I apply solid colors onto many, many layers. I like looking at the super rough sketches and comparing them to the final lines. Man, I should have made my style nose-less like my sketches.

  2. I want to use Baskerville as the font for all dialogue. Is it too stylish and busy for comic pages? Especially when you’re browsing pages through the digital medium? BUT I LOVE THE IDEA OF IT. A mystery comic + a font with a mystery-related name (thanks for Sir Arthur C. Doyle) = YES, PLEASE. But testing it out…I’m not sure anymore. I’m sad.

  3. Two panels from the very first page. Feeling excited! I gotta work on getting the text’s crisp…iness. It’s crispiness? Crispness? Whatever. I gotta fix the text. And MERLIN’S BEARD. That truck was hard for me. Cars will be my biggest hurdle, I think. Next to cityscapes. And dialogue bubble placement. (It’s SO FRIGGIN’ TOUGH for me.) And everything. Just everything. Okay. Need sleep.

  4. Working on the first page’s layout and trying to figure out the level of detail needed. Plus the dialogue and events are still a rough draft… And here’s more characters!

  5. More practice drawing for Adley. Soon the majority of my tumblr will be floating heads, apparently. Gotta fix that.

  6. depleti:


    I drew Ibrahim from Thistil Mistil Kistil! Happy Thor’s Day, everyone!

    OMG YAY. This looks great!

    Thank you! And if it isn’t obvious: I LOVE your comic.

  7. Rise Like a Phoenix by Conchita Wurst representing Austria for Eurovision 2014

  8. "Did your non-returnable outgoings for the first half of the year exceed your deductions for quarterly vat returns?"

    Guess what I’ve been procrastinating from doing lately since it’s almost April 15. Where can I get a Manny Bianco for myself?

  9. I drew Ibrahim from Thistil Mistil Kistil! Happy Thor’s Day, everyone!

  10. The Black Halo by anontheory

    "When your time has come
    You know you’ll be lonely once again
    And the final winter comes to us all
    Life is treacherous
    But you’re not the only one who must pretend

    "We’re a second in time
    We’re the last in the line
    Of the prey that walks the earth
    Good and evil combined…”

    - Memento Mori, Kamelot